Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tribute To My Man

The Man of My Dreams turned forty this week. He didn't want any big parties. We spent our money on a washer and dryer (greatly needed and appreciated by your's truly) and other home improvements (he is trying so hard to get our basement finished) instead of presents.

He wanted to do something with his "wifey" for his birthday, instead of 'the guys' *me grinning big*. We were given a night-stay away in a lovely hotel, in a little town, that was much more my style than his (forgot my camera). We had a peacefully blissful time though.

He received and loved home-made cards from his little one's and a goofy one from me -which he laughed at.
We even wrote a song for his big day - which I tried and tried to get my kids to sing and make cute video for him - here's one of our 'takes'... he laughed and enjoyed our endeavors anyway. :)

I tried making a spectacular birthday [ice cream] cake - I always end up trying to do spectacular things that usually result in spectacular stress on my part, why do I do this? - but the cake was tasty, even though it sat too long and when we cut into it the ice cream sort of squished out, which resulted in a pile of cake, rather then a piece of cake. *sigh*

Forty years is rather monumental isn't it? As the Good Wife, am I not supposed to arrange every little detail to make it a monumental occasion? Well, if so, I failed. But you know, he didn't seem to mind and appreciated every little thing we did do.

Why am I telling you all of this (I know he's gonna wonder, when he reads it)? Well, because I want the world to know my Hunny is simply the best...better than all the rest... (sing it with me now). Well, he is better than all the rest where I am concerned.

Whatever he does, he does for us; his family. He loves us with all his heart and it shows in so many ways - in our children's faces that shine and perk up when they hear the van coming home from work each day, the crawling all over him when they play on the floor with their Papa and the laughing and giggling that ensues whenever he's around.

It shows in the tender way he loves me, honors me and appreciates me; I feel secure, loved, pretty and favored.

It shows in the devoted way he cares for his parents and siblings - longing to do more for them, but not always able to do all he'd like to do.

It shows in the way he asks the Father for direction in the decision he needs to make.

It shows in the way he works so strenuously to "bring home the [turkey] bacon" (since we don't eat pork) and provide for all our needs plus, plus, plus so many 'perks'.

I love how he is such a manly-man, yet has the tenderest of heart's that brims with mercy so often... with the exception of his hockey team doing poorly... then we "take cover"!!

Without getting too sappy and sounding like a Shania Twain song (it's too late, I know), Hunny - I love every moment I have with you and I look forward to the forty years + that we get to be together. You truly are the Man of My Dreams. Thank You Lord for such a gift.


  1. Oh I love this... so very sweet. I like the "Hopey, sing please" part in the video. You forgot "now" on the end of that?? LOL I'm kidding. Happy 40th Jason. You two are so cute, I'm glad you found him.

  2. What a beautiful thing to be loved so completely! It truly is a picture of Jesus and His bride. Thank you for the glimpse of heaven.