Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's only been six months...

Well, I tell you, this four-kids thing has sure slowed down my ability to put thoughts together that make any sense and/or are worth writing in a blog where other human beings (as opposed to what...idk) read.

I am stupified and mesmerized that it has been SIX MONTHS since my last post. Rediculous. So, thanks to some encouragement from a dear friend, I will try to pull it together...

I'm sitting here trying to think of a way to re-cap the last six months without boring you all to tears, and having a difficult time. So I will (try to) just give gentle descriptions of a few of the important highlights.

My Sweet Hope turned four years old. She pretty much planned her little party and the cake and had a list of potential gifts for months before her
actual birthday. Everything she saw (usually anything pink) she would add to her list... I was beginning to think she was going to be extremely disappointed when birthday time came, but, good grief - did she make out like a bandit! Love that girl!

We had the first of MANY snow fall's on November 19th. Not neccesarily a 'highlight' to me, per say, but there it is. And for those of you who know my absolute fondness (sarcasm) for winter, I want you to know I
determined in my heart to remain positive and try to rejoice in all the white, cold, miserable,
beautiful winter, and I feel I had victory. It was also a tremendous help that we purchased a new-to-us suburban that actually made it up our road in the snow without any intercession and/or multiple tries and driving backwards up the drive way! It was glorious!

We are going to church. [gasp]
Okay, let me back up a tad, Jason and I have been praying since we married about going to church, and neither of us ever had any real answers. We specifically prayed that we would meet the people He wanted us to be in relationship with for that much needed and longed for 'fellowship' (for lack of a better word) and if church was a part of that then so be it. Well, long story short - the Lord used Justice's kindergarten class and another playday event with the kids to introduce us to some wonderful new friends and church. :) We are sooo loving getting to know these dear people - there are several families with young children whom we get to hang out with on a weekly basis! This is so long in coming and we are grateful. The best outcome of this has been that our kids are making wonderful friendships with kids who have like-minded parents and values - that is such a gift to us.

Justice turned SIX years old! Holy toledo. He is growing so tall, maturing, learning so much, has so many interests and is such a good,
sweet boy. We are very proud of him. Although I'm struggling a smidge with all this maturity and growth - I miss my baby boy, yet, what a wonderful thing to see him become his own person. Thinking about it is exciting, because I know Yahweh has so many good things ahead for our kids.

Grace is finally starting to have words and sentences that we can understand. THIS is a big deal. It can be such a frustration to all involved when verbal communication consists of pointing, whining, pulling of hair (my own) and an occasional growl. She is getting there. :)

Mercy is growing so fast. She is such a joy, loves being with her siblings and her siblings ADORE her. She handles over-affection very well. That girl is loved. Although, her new thing lately - since having an ear infection and no longer breastfeeding - is to scream when she wants something, we're talking the kind of scream that makes you wish you were devoid of nerves and ears, and makes you daydream about some kind of device that could be placed over the child's head that would render her vocal chords temporarily useless until she can tell you what she wants and asks with a please and thank you, kind of scream. And she screams between bites of food, for pete's sake... anyway, we have NO idea how to stop this and are open to interventions

My parents came for two visits this autumn/winter (yay!).

I got my hair cut and colored (money saving tip: go 8 months between haircuts!)

Jason cut his hair [gasp]... not quite short enough, in my humble oppinion, but it's a start... He's handsome all the time, I know.

We've gotten quite a bit done in our basement, it's even got color on the walls and there's flooring!

I think I may be done breastfeeding... like for. ever... [let's just sit in silence and ponder that statement for a moment]

Because I'm no longer breastfeeding, I am now slowly starting to change my diet to a more vegetarian/raw diet and really loving it (even losing a few pounds). This is a great websight on the subject if ever you are interested. http://rawfoodrehab.ning.com

I got a steam mop.

It's SPRING. [can you hear the Hallelujah chorus?]

And that is probably enough. If you've read this entire post, well, God bless you and return all the time you lost ten-fold!! Thanks for reading. Until next time.... much love and HAPPY SPRING!

[side note: It's been so long since I've blogged, I can't find the spell check, so um, just ignore all the misspelled words, okeedokee? ty]

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