Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Take a little walk with me.

So, I have been trying to upload the gazillion pictures I took when I was at my parents' place this April. I thought it would be fun to bring you all along with me to my old stomping grounds for a walk - where I used to explore/pray/vent and breathe so often as a child and young adult.
However, it has taken what seems like years to upload even these, so I am posting what I have so I can MOVE ON with my life! (for goodness sake!)

My parents home and the Grande Ronde Valley with Mount Emily.
I love mossy trees. Probably because they are only mossy in spring because of the dry climate here.

The driveway.
Pretty landscape below their house.

Sorry this is so blah, hopefully next post will be more interesting! Hope you all are having a great Spring!

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