Monday, October 17, 2011

Here's Some Random

Happy Autumn!

So, I seem to be turning into one of those "health nuts/granola" people. I have always loved researching health and learning the nutritional facts on foods, etc., which has led me to several things I have started incorporating into my life. And though I should be doing a million other things right at this moment, I just have to get this post up, it's on my mind too much!

The more research I do, the more I discover that a plant-based, living-food diet is the most healthFULL way to eat. Which is what I want for my family. I have been eating more and more living (raw) foods and less and less sugar, gluten, meat, dairy (still have coffee and tea, though) and I gotta tell you, I feel the best I've ever felt, more energy, I feel light instead of that ugly heavy feeling and my skin looks better as well as I'm down several pounds (yipee!).

Here are two of the many tips I have to share with you on this new healthy lifestyle journey.


The first thing and my most favorite are "Green smoothies". Start the day with a tall glass of lemon water and then have a green smoothie. Here is my most favorite recipe:
1 mango (if no mango add another peach and a frozen banana or two.)
1 peach
3-4 large kale leaves or substitute spinach, collards or chard.*
1 inch (or less) of fresh peeled ginger
and enough water to blend in your blender to the concistancy you enjoy.

~A few extras you could add in just to kick up the healthy:
Coconut oil (really tasty in this smoothie)
Bee pollen (that's what those little flecks are in the picture - a little bit goes a long way!)
Chia seeds

*a high speed blender works best on the greens, otherwise you may end up with a chunky version - which, though not the most palatable, still doable
SOOO cleansing, tasty and full of energy. The kids like it too - especially my one year old - she fights me for my cup. :)

The other little tip to share is date paste. Buy some Madjool dates, or whatever you can find that are all natural.
Pit them, soak 'em in water over night and blend them with the soaking water in a blender or food prcoessor into a smooth paste.

This makes a delicious sweetener in your smoothies (in case you don't have sweet fruit, add some date paste to the above smoothie). I've put this date paste on toast, oatmeal, quinoa, in salad dressings, hummus... the possibilities are endless and they are full of minerals and are an all natural sweetener alternative.

Just remember, small changes can make a big difference. Here's to a lovely, healthy life!

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